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IR Systems is your one source for all your process heating, drying, or curing requirements. Whether you need a one-stock heater or a large custom-engineered conveyorized dryer system, IR Systems has the expertise to supply you exactly what you need. Our experienced sales engineers will offer free advice on how to solve your toughest process requirements. We offer free lab testing, consultations and detailed systems quotes. We have extensive experience in paper, film and foil converting processes, textiles applications, metal decoration, food processing, plastics and many others.



Increased Productivity
By increasing line speeds with more effective, efficient heat transfer thereby restoring speeds lost in the switch to waterbase inks and coatings.

Less Product Waste & Lower Operating Costs
The low thermal inertia of our infrared systems eliminates the need for long warm up cycles. The 'instant on' characteristics of our eliminating wasteful 'idle time'. Payback on energy savings can be as short as a few months.

High Efficiency
Radiant heating times are typically less than one-third of conventional convection ovens. Since infrared heats the product directly without an intervening transfer medium such as air, radiant heating is much faster, saving further on energy costs.

Low First Time Costs
The simplicity of electric infrared systems, the lightness of structures, and the ease of installation reduce initial system costs.

Floor Space Savings
High heat source concentrations quickly increase product temperature allowing for shorter oven or dryer lengths. Radiant heaters heat products equally whether they are moving horizontally or vertically. The value of these space-saving options will often exceed the initial costs.

Clean Operation
IR Systems equipment uses clean electric power and give off no harmful byproducts of combustion.

Control Accuracy
Electric radiant heaters can be precisely controlled to provide the user with consistent repeatability and product heating uniformity.

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